AMC Passenger Terminal - NAF Atsugi

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AMC Passenger Terminal in Atsugi, Japan
Space A Pg Welcome Photo in Atsugi, Japan

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Bldg 206, NAF Atsugi, JPN

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Daily 0600-2200

Welcome to the AMC Passenger Terminal's Interactive Customer Evaluation system for Kunsan AB, Korea. Your feedback is welcome and used to assist in providing or continuing to provide the best customer service. Thank you for your time, - Det Chief 731 AMS/OL-A

AMC aircraft often have open passenger seats available to fly eligible travellers across the CONUS as well as to and from other countries. However, since missions can be rerouted, delayed, or cancelled for a variety of reasons (weather, maintenance issues or higher priority missions), AMC officials advise travellers to be flexible with travel plans and to allow extra time for potential delays. Officials also recommend travellers have sufficient personal funds to pay for commercial transportation to return to their residence or duty station if space-available transportation is not available.

According to AMC officials, today's military operations tempo underscores the importance of properly caring for our military service members and the families who support them. Space-A travel and the DOD travel program are a reflection of the trust and faith DOD officials place on men and women in uniform.

For more information, including AMC passenger terminal information, travel eligibility, and a downloadable Space-A traveller handbook, visit the AMC travel Web site at:

Passenger terminal locations and contact information can be found at:


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