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1944 Pacific Ave #202, Tacoma, WA 98402, United States
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Sunday & Monday: by appointment only

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There's a lot about our salon that you might find different from places you have been in the past.

Our historic building began its life more than a century ago as a furniture manufacturing facility and there are remnants of the Harmon Factory throughout. Our exposed brick (stabilized with seismic retrofitting) and ductwork provide an industrial chic ambiance. Each stylist works in their room which gives you privacy and comfort and gives each staff member the ability to create an environment they love. Balanced with the private rooms are common areas for processing and shampoo.

We are a home for creative, entrepreneurial professionals who share a vision to create a space where you can find your best self. Our staff members work for themselves, but not by themselves. Every member of our team brings their unique talents and insights to Azarra, giving you access to the solutions you have been searching for. Want to learn how to style your hair like a pro? Want to find a way to let your boldness shine without scaring your boss? Need a cut that works with minimal styling? Looking for a salon to call home? We have the people. We have the answers.

Salon & Wine?

While you are in the salon, have a sample of the featured wine of the day and browse our shelves for a new favorite. We stock affordable wines (an expensive bottle on our shelves is $30) for everyday drinking from around the world and our own back yard (we have even stocked wine made right here in Tacoma!) All of the wine is hand selected by our staff and we can give you honest feedback on every bottle. We are one of the few wine stores in town where you can find rosé year 'round. Our selection is in constant flow, so if you find one you love, take a picture of it with your phone and let us know so we can make sure it gets re-ordered!

We have three wine tastings a year. After Easter we have a Spring tasting of light and fresh wines for warm weather drinking (mostly whites and rosés, but some reds that can take a chill and often ciders, as well.) After the kids go back to school we have our Autumn tasting featuring big bold reds to sip in front of the fire and keep you warm through the cold months. In early December we have our Holiday tasting which is all about the bubbles! We select sparkling wines from around the world to help you celebrate the holidays. It also serves as the salon holiday party, so you will get to see us all dressed up. There's never a charge to attend, and featured wines are 10% off the day of the event. It's always a fun time, so bring your friends. We publish the tasting dates on Facebook, in our salon newsletter, and on our blog.



Express Cut - $30 to $60

(Please don't book this service on your first visit. We need time to get acquainted and understand your goals. All new clients please select New Client Haircut on our online scheduler.)

Cut & Style - $60 to $90

Includes shampoo, cut and style

Cut & Style Long Hair - $75 to $120

Cut & Polish - $100 to $180

Our Signature Service uses a preservative-free keratin treatment to keep hair smoother and more manageable between visits.

Solid Colors

Shine Toner - $50 to $75

Deposit of sheer color with shine and conditioning benefits. Does not lighten or cover gray.

Elumen - Starts at $100

Permanent, high shine, translucent ammonia/peroxide/gluten-free color.

Color Retouch - $80 to $120

Color the regrowth of your existing tinted hair.

Color Correction - Priced Upon consultation*

This is a change from one tinted/lightened color to another.

Dimensional Color

Partial - $150 to $200

Placed on the top 1/3 to 1/2 of the head.

Full - $200 to $300

Placed throughout the entire head.

Balayage / Ombre / Balay-ombre - Starting at $200

These are custom, hand-painted highlights or color that provide a variety of different results ranging from subtle and sun-kissed to base colors that smoothly transition into a completely different shade. Brown fading to blonde, red fading into pink...the possibilities are endless with popular coloring options.


Olaplex Enhanced Curls - Starts at $200

Repair the bonds that are depleted by texture services and have the snappiest of curls or waves possible. And you can even shampoo the next day!

Smooth & Straighten 

Keratin Express - $50 to $75

Significantly reduce frizz, increase shine, strengthen hair, and cut styling time by 50% for 4-6 weeks.

Keratin Smoother - Starts at $250

These Keratin treatments penetrate the cuticle to improve texture and reduce curl and frizz. It fades from the hair over time and in the period of 6-9 months, your original curl pattern will gradually return.

CHI Straightener - Starts at $400

Permanent straightener using silk proteins and heat. This ammonia-free treatment will transform your hair. The new growth will need treatment every 3-6 months and the treated hair will remain straight.

Kerasilk-Goldwell's newest Keratin smoothing system - Starts at $250

Kerasilk is the first long-lasting smoothing hair service that can be customized to the amount of curl you want to keep and frizz you want to tame. The treatment makes unruly hair softer and more manageable, relaxes curls and smooths frizz. It also reduces styling time. Kerasilk is formaldehyde free and uses keratin, silk proteins and glyoxylic acid to penetrate the hair and creates a matrix of new keratin bonds. (Can be enhanced with Olaplex.)


Blowout - $50 to $75

Formal - $75 to $100

Up or down, these styles are engineered for durability.


Deep Conditioner - $35 to $75.

Express Keratin - $35 to $75.

Olaplex Bond Multiplier - $35 to $95.



30 Minute Massage $55 60 Minute Massage $100 90 Minute Massage $140 30 Minute Craniosacral Therapy $45 60 Minute Craniosacral Therapy $90 90 Minute Craniosacral Therapy $130 90 Minute Raindrop Therapy $155


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