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About The Best Virtual Ombudsman NSA Bahrain Base Guide

Our NSA Bahrain base guide provides the best interactive guide for servicemembers serving the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and other coalition forces in Bahrain. We offer comprehensive listings to help you make the most out of being stationed in Bahrain. Gain insight into Bahrain MWR, and learn about everything base has to offer. Moreover, this site servers you by providing the most relevant information possible.

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Virtual Ombudsman, designed to help military families find information needed to have great experiences while stationed at NSA Bahrain. As such, we are your third-party and independent resource to gain objective insights into duty in Bahrain. Unlike many other sources of information, our user-driven content originates from you. We have a complete directory of services throughout Naval Support Activity Bahrain. Having been assigned to Bahrain in 2014-2016, we have developed local knowledge of the economy and are keenly dialed into the best places to shop, recreate, and enjoy, and all of this information can be found in the Virtual Ombudsman NSA Bahrain Base Guide.


We envision our site being used to help make informed decisions that could help you decide whether Bahrain is a duty station up your alley. Additionally, reviewing our listings lets you know how far key attractions are from the Bahrain Naval Base or even from where you may live.  NSA Bahrain is a great place to be stationed!


Hence, our organization provides key information to shop, recreate with your family, or help make that vital decision as to whether Bahrain is suitable for you or your family. Our role is not to replace any command services but to provide an independent, third-party aggregation of information commonly lost along the way.  


The VO community is standing by to support you, but we need your help. We have over 20,000 listings that help provide insight into your duty station. As you browse our listings, please feel free to shoot us a note or leave a review. We can be contacted via [email protected] and look forward to hearing you.  

Please feel free to browse all of our NSA Bahrain Listings.

Our mission is you, and we look forward to serving you.

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Virtual Ombudsman was founded in March 2019 by Mia Darnell, a former NAVCENT Ombudsman. Her vision was to provide a great source of information that isn’t lost when servicemembers relocate due to Permanent Change of Station Orders (PCS). Our vision is to make sure great experiences, also known as lessons learned, remain available to subsequent generations of folks who decide to serve in Bahrain. 

This Bahrain guide is not “official” but can augment official sources of information to help make decisions. All too often, great recommendations and reviews are posted on FaceBook, but those reviews are buried quickly in the FaceBook timeline, lost forever to the annals of history. 

Through experience, we learned that there is a need to have an independent source of “unofficial” and unfiltered so you get the most honest picture of what things are like on the ground. We do need your help in sharing experiences with vendors, child daycare, and MWR services. Contributing helps grow the community. We love our members, and thank you for your service! Please send us a review today via that contact us button, or register for an account. 

We would love to hear from you in order to make this guide the best.  How do you like being stationed in Bahrain?  Has it met your expectations?  What recommendations would you have for other families? We would love to receive feedback from you so that we can further tailor this guide to assist with the best information 

We are contactable via the email address [email protected].

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