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Base Shuttle in Jacksonville, Florida
Private Shuttle in Jacksonville, Florida
Shuttle Service in Jacksonville, Florida

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Base-wide Shuttle Service, NS Mayport, FL

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904-270-5304 | 904-270-5149
Operating Hours
Sun-Thurs: 0600 - 2400 | Fri-Sat: 0600 - 0100

Naval Station Mayport operates two shuttle buses along a predetermined route with an average interval of 25 minutes. The average time to complete one circuit on base is 45 minutes. One bus runs the on base route continually. One bus includes off-base stops at the Navy Exchange and Commissary at specific times, otherwise it too runs the on-base route continually. An additional shuttle runs daily from the squadrons to the main Galley.

For questions about the naval station's shuttle bus service, call 904-270-5304. For help on Sunday and holiday’s call the Trouble Desk at 904-270-5149.