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Building #775 & 779 APO, AP, Korea 96278

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784-5000 | 784-7000
0505-784-5000 | 0505-784-7000 | 011-82-505-784-7000

Osan AB Chapel Community

VISION: The Spiritual Fitness Center of Excellence MISSION: Build a spiritually fit community


  • Saturday Vigil Mass:    Sat (Confession 1600) 1700
  • Sunday Mass:                Sun 0830
  • Daily Mass:                    Tues – Thurs 1130
  • Daily Mass:                    Fri 1700


  • Community:           Sun 1030
  • Gospel:                    Sun 1230
  • Church of Christ:  Sun 1500 (Location: Chapel Annex)

Welcome to the Osan AB Chapel Community!

The Osan Chapel Team's mission is to build a spiritually fit community. We accomplish this by offering a variety of religious opportunities: worship services, fellowship, life-cycle events, adult education classes, faith-based social groups, educational and social programs for youth, religious counseling, and volunteer opportunities.

Our team is committed to serving your religious needs. We understand that “spiritual fitness” is a critical component of overall well-being. In addition, the Air Force recognizes that spiritual resiliency comprises one of four pillars of “Comprehensive Airmen Fitness”. Along with physical, emotional, and social health, spiritual wellbeing is considered essential for achieving a fulfilling and meaningful life.

The chapel staff is enthusiastic about supporting your spiritual needs. We welcome and thank you for being part of our warm and caring community!