Commissary - Osan Air Base

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Commissary in Osan, South Korea
Meat Grocery Section in Osan, South Korea
Vegetable Section in Osan, South Korea

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Bldg 230, Osan AB, KOR

Contact Info

784.4403 | DSN FAX: 784.2421
Operating Hours
Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun: 1000 - 1900 | Thur: 1000 - 2000

The Osan Air Base Commissary offers the following Store Services: ATM Bakery Custom Photo Cakes Deli Fresh Sandwiches to go Hot Foods Dept Party Cakes Plants Rotisserie Chicken Sushi

The Osan AB Commissary carries a wide variety of grocery items, always at low prices. The commissary also offers fresh deli sandwiches, rotisserie chicken, sushi, baked goods and cakes available all day.


Special Information

The Osan Commissary will eliminate Early Bird shopping until further notice to facilitate cleaning and restocking our store and the store hours and policies are subject to change per guidance from installation and headquarters leadership!


Due to COVID-19 and as directed by 51FW Commander and until further notice authorized patrons will:

  • Produce proper credentials ID upon entry (100%)
  • Bring no-guests who are not formally authorized access
  • Face covering by guests is not mandatory; however, it is your choice. 
  • Apply hand sanitizer in view of personal verifying credentials at entrance.
  • Social distancing practices are in place within the facility!
  • Limits will remain on certain items until the supply chain gets corrected.

We appreciate your cooperation and once again thank you for shopping your Osan Commissary!


Store Brands

Our new commissary brands Freedom’s Choice, Home Base, and Top Care are on the shelves. Keep an eye out for these brands where you know you can save money on quality produce.


Guest Rules

In order to meet our SOFA obligations, the general rule is that only authorized patrons are allowed entry into the commissary. This policy restricts access in order to minimize the potential for abuse and ensure the U.S. complies with the intent of the SOFA. To protect the commissary benefits, I.D and Ration cards will be verified upon entry.

Special Order Information

When placing special orders, please provide 24-hour notice when possible. Depending upon your needs, more notification may be required.

Produce Department The Produce Department offers great savings on pre-made veggie or fruit trays and fruit gift baskets for that big event or special someone. Call 315-784-2909/4496

Meat Department Place your meat order with the Meat Department for that special dinner or cookout. Call 315-784-6763/4496.

Bakery & Deli & Sushi Department The Bakery can make that special cake, cupcakes, and pastries for your special occasions. Call 315-784-6892/4496 Place special orders for meat and cheese party trays with the Deli Department. Ask the Sushi Department about our fresh sushi trays, which are made daily. Call 315-784-6892 to place a special order.

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