Coral Hills Resort

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Coral Hills Resort

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Coral Hills resort is a relaxing resort located on the top of Om El Seed Hill at Sharm El Sheikh. It is a beautiful destination for enjoying warm water beaches, coral reefs and colorful fish. Onsite, there are swimming pools, restaurants, bars, shops, bazaars and live entertainment.

Resort Amenities

  • Car Rental¬†(Onsite)
  • Laundry facilities¬†(Onsite)
  • Medical facility¬†(Nearby)
  • Sauna¬†(Yes)
  • Swimming pool¬†(Onsite)

Other Information:

  • Pet Information: Animals are not permitted; could result in forfeiture of the unit and/or other penalties.
  • Linen changes will be notified upon arrival at resort.
  • Balconies around the resort are lower than 1 meter, extra care to be taken especially with children.
  • The apartments balcony banister are lower than 1 meter andthe gaps between the rails are wider than 10cmextra care to be taken especially with children

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