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Damage controlman
Rating Badge DC.jpg
Rating insignia
Issued by: United States Navy
United States Coast Guard
Type Enlisted rating
Abbreviation DC
Specialty Hull

A chief damage controlman and master chief damage controlman demonstrating how to apply a box patch to a ruptured bulkhead at the Yokosuka Fire Fighting and Damage Control Training Facility

Persons who are in the Damage controlman (DC) rating are the Navy‘s and Coast Guard’s maintenance and emergency repair specialists.

Coast Guard damage controlmen assigned to cutters are responsible for maintaining watertight integrity, emergency equipment associated with firefighting and Shipboard flooding; plumbing repairs; welding fabrication and repairs; chemical, biological, and nuclear warfare detection and decontamination. Also, train others on board ship of firefighting and repairs of damage to its infrastructure. Are also involved with the engineering watches and associated duties, since it is an engineering rating.

DCs assigned ashore are responsible for the maintenance and repairs to facility structures and Coast Guard-owned housing units. Shore side responsibilities include repairs and installations to roofs, siding, sheetrock, windows, doors, flooring, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, appliances, as well as many types of welding repairs. The shore side DC also performs small construction and renovations projects. Additionally (depending on the station), assist with nearby cutters’ or small boats’ maintenance. Normally, most Coast Guard stations (shore and afloat) will require cross training of other duties, including engineering for a rounded, well trained, and better response and safer station organization.

Navy DCs do the work necessary for damage control, ship stability, firefighting, fire prevention, and chemical, biological and radiological warfare defense. They also instruct personnel in the methods of damage control and chemical, biological and radiological defense, and repair damage control equipment and systems. After completion of “A” school, USN damage controlmen are assigned to ships of all types in the United States or overseas, TAR damage controlmen are assigned to NRF ships in CONUS. In a typical 20-year period in the Navy, they spend about 65 percent of their time on sea duty and about 35 percent on shore duty. Upon completing sea tours, USN damage controlmen will be assigned to shore duty in fleet concentration areas. TAR damage controlmen will be assigned to reserve centers across the nation including the heartland. While assigned to a reserve center TAR damage controlmen will train and administer selected reserve personnel.

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