Fort McClellan - Anniston

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Military people while on training in Anniston, U.S
Fort McClellan Aerial view in Anniston, U.S
Fort McClellan Army Base in Anniston, U.S
Army Group picture training brigade in Anniston, U.S

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1023 Fort McClellan, Anniston, AL 36205, United States

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+1 256-847-4102
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Mon -Sun : 24 hours

Fort McClellan, originally Camp McClellan, was a United States Army post located adjacent to the city of Anniston, Alabama. During World War II, it was one of the largest U.S. Army installations, training an estimated half-million troops. Replacing the 27th Division, in 1942, the Army began training new recruits and draftees at Fort McClellan under what was called the Branch Immaterial Training Center. Recruits received eight weeks of basic training and were then sent elsewhere for combat training or specialized schools. In 1943, this became the Infantry Replacement Training Center (IRTC). Under IRTC, the basic training was increased to nine weeks and included situations corresponding to combat in European areas such as training within simulated urban areas, actions under live artillery fire, and crouching in foxholes with tanks moving overhead.

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