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Household Transportation in Catania, Italy
Household Transportation in Catania, Italy
Household Goods Transportation in Catania, Italy
Household goods in Catania, Italy

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NAS 2 Bldg. 720 Fleet Logistics Center FPO Italy 09627

In Italy, they aren't kidding when they say an apartment is unfurnished. This means that not only is there no furniture, but typically there are no kitchen cabinets, closets, screens, medicine cabinets, or light fixtures. An Italian takes great pride in planning every detail of their apartment and when they move, they take everything with them. Therefore, it is usually more expensive to set up your house here than most other places. The Navy helps to defray the impact of these costs by providing you with a Move In Housing Allowance (MIHA) to offset this expense and by lending you an "8-pack" which includes such necessities as stoves, refrigerators, wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, and closets to get you started.