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2-187 Kuranoue Tosu-city, Saga

Ichimaru Dental Office is a dentist in Saga.


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Ichimaru Dental Office Review - Highly Recommended
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I went to IchiImaru because I was dissatisfied with the diagnostic equipment available at the branch health clinic. I went to Ichimaru so that they could perform an analysis of my gum recession and determine what was needed to address it. They performed two sets of detailed x-rays, and they took a whole bunch of pictures. Thankfully, I didn't need a gum graft, and I'm showing no bone loss. The treatment plan that I'm following is to see them every three months for cleaning and analysis of the types of bacteria that are growing on my teeth. I didn't know this, but there are tests that can be run to figure out what type of bacteria are present in the mouth, and based on that, they can recommend a course of treatment based on the amount and type of bacteria. This was important to me because at the stage of life I'm in, I want to make sure that little issues don't pop up down the road, and for me, this was the best route.

Due to the length of the initial exam, I was charged 16,000 yen (around $150.00). When taking into account the cost of oral surgery, root canals, fillings, and all the other stuff that can happen, I felt this was a reasonable amount to pay. My insurance should reimburse most of it, but even if they don't, I'm able to sleep well knowing that there isn't some major toot-catastrophe hiding in shadows. Had there been an issue, I would have felt very comfortable with these guys taking care of everything.

So first visit, 16,000
Three months visits should be around 6,000 yen...and will update the costs here in this review.
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