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777-2 Won-dong, Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

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+82 31-377-7747
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Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm

Innisfree, clean Jeju.

Natural Benefits from JEJU

An island where clean nature and healthy beauty coexist happily. Innisfree is Korea's representative naturalistic beauty brand that aims to deliver healthy beauty with the benefits of nature from Jeju.

Innisfree's Promise

Innisfree strives to provide healthy beauty to customers and to protect the health of nature by prioritizing good raw materials and eco-friendly values.

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    We pursue healthy beauty with raw materials containing reliable nature.

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    We strictly control quality with high standards for stability.

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    We offer a variety of good quality products at reasonable prices .

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    We continue to expand our efforts with eco-friendly values to reduce our impact on nature .

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    We practice eco-friendly green life together with our customers for clean nature.

Innisfree BI

Innisfree Green Deep greenery of Bijarim

It contains the sincerity of the brand to provide healthy beauty by adding the dark green color of Jeju Bijarim, meaning the vitality of nature, to a font that contains no exaggeration promises and unshakable solidity.

Jeju, origin of innisfree

Jeju, fresh air, soft and warm sunlight, fertile and healthy soil, and pure water. A space where nature and skin can rest together, Innisfree creates. Jeju, where the four major energies of clean nature breathe, is filled with the honest and pure beauty that Innisfree wants to offer to its customers. Innisfree creates a space where nature and skin can rest together so that you can fully enjoy the green energy of clean Jeju.

Innisfree is

We make products with good ingredients from Jeju, which preserves the innocence of all nature, including forests, land, and the sea. For this reason, it is highly trusted and loved by customers not only in Korea but also in Asian countries.

Innisfree's Jeju Story

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    Jeju pesticide-free green tea field. Honest raw materials start

    Healthy, pesticide-free green tea grown on organic soil in Seogwang Tea Garden, a manor in Jeju-do for 3 years, full of nutrients and natural energy from roots to leaves, fruits and seeds, fully demonstrates the original power and efficacy of green tea. Innisfree uses pesticide-free green tea grown healthy in Seogwang Tea Garden in Jeju, which is directly managed by it, as the main ingredient in the Innisfree Green Tea line.

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    Jeju Dongbaek Village and Bija Village Fair Trade. Innisfree's practice of good sharing

    When purchasing or processing raw materials, behavior that considers the economy and life of the local community is called 'fair trade' or 'fair purchase'. The Camellia line is made by directly purchasing the clean camellia flower petals collected and delivered by the grandmothers of Jeju Camellia Village. The happiness of fair purchase is not only in Dongbaek Village but also in Jeju Bija Village, taking care of the local community and the environment. Brands are happy to be able to help local residents live according to the laws of nature, and local residents are happy to get new jobs and financial satisfaction. Such fair trade can not only develop local communities but also minimize environmental damage.

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    Got away, Jeju's secret and clean forest. An environmental protector who preserves the mystery of nature

    A forest that has been left untouched by humans for thousands of years somewhere on the road to the Oreum is called 'Gotjawal' in the Jeju language. The soil of Gotjawal, where trees grew among stones scattered by volcanic activity, retains abundant moisture, and the forest is warm even in winter. Because of this, various rare plants grow wild, and scientists around the world and the World Nature Conservation Congress are studying Gotjawal. In order to keep Gotjawal green all year round, Innisfree is helping to preserve the natural Gotjawal.

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    Innisfree Collection Foundation. Add value to Jeju

    To cherish our long-standing relationship with Jeju, we have been sponsoring the Innisfree Collection Foundation through a donation agreement of KRW 10 billion since 2015. The Innisfree Collection Foundation aims to discover and preserve the natural and cultural heritage of Jeju, a more beautiful and clean island, by cultivating and promoting the nature of Jeju, the people it embraces, and the culture that Jeju has created, and creating new values ​​by merging nature and culture. , and is taking the lead in nurturing talented people who will play a leading role in opening up the future of Jeju.

A space to become one with nature, Innisfree Jeju House

Innisfree Jeju House is a brand experience center where you can enjoy a comfortable rest while satisfying your five senses in the nature of Jeju. Innisfree Jeju House offers a variety of pleasures that can only be experienced in Jeju, such as cosmetics made with good raw materials from Jeju and a green cafe. Innisfree Jeju House is a place where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy a precious rest in nature.