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9481 Silverdale Way NW #205, Silverdale, WA 98383, United States
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Monday: BY APPT Tuesday: BY APPT Reservations recommended. Walk-ins not accepted after 9PM. Sunday: 12:15PM - 7:45PM Monday: BY APPT Tuesday: BY APPT Wednesday: 2PM - 7:45PM Thursday: 2PM - 7:45PM Friday: 2PM - 11:15PM Saturday: 10:30AM - 9:30PM

Sector X

  You are scientist assigned to the research lab aboard the Orion Space Station. In a turn of events, a containment chamber holding a new form of life has malfunctioned causing the specimen to escape. Your mission is to locate the rogue specimen before it reproduces and takes over the entire ship! You have one hour to restore the containment chamber and capture the specimen.  Good luck space cadets… Godspeed. 

The Terminal

The year is 1988. It is a busy tourist weekend and the New York Subway stations are the fastest way to get around. A disgruntled worker has caused a sudden power failure creating chaos all over town and leading to a runaway train careening at full speed toward the Brooklyn terminal. The only thing that can stop the train and save the passengers, is for you to return power to the lines and access the remote shut-off button. Welcome to "The Terminal."

The Stolen Relic

 A temple located deep in the jungles of Malaysia housed a legendary relic. The relic has gone missing and chaos among the people has ensued. Information about the accused thief from the locals has led to the home of a crazed Anthropologist. You are the team of detectives called in to investigate his study and search for the stolen relic. The manic thief has left traps inside the home and you only have one hour to complete your mission before the relic is lost…forever! 


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