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Kunia Road, Wahiawā, Honolulu County, Hawaii, 96854, United States
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808) 655-4227
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The Kunia Field Station is now known as KR-SOCK or Kunia Regional SIGINT Operations Center. Throughout World War II, Korean War, Cold War and Vietnam War, it served as an intelligence operation for the Navy and Army. Kunia was originally developed after the attack on Pearl Harbor and subsequently has changed hands multiple times. It is most famous for the documents released by Edward Snowden who worked at The Kunia Field Station is now known as KR-SOCK or Kunia Regional SIGINT Operations Center.Kunia and revealed secrets about the PRISM surveillance program.

History of Kunia Field Station

After the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, a new installation was to be created and built that would be bomb-proof and develop underground. It would comprise 250,000 square feet for floor space to facilitate aircraft assembly in a nearby airfield called Wheeler. In the last year of World War II and in the years that followed, Kunia became a cryptologic and intelligence activity compound.

Operations included miliary units that would occupy the structure. These units came from the US Naval Security Group Activity Hawaii and the US Army Military Intelligence Corps 500th Military Intelligence Brigade.

The Kunia Regional Security Operations Center (RSOC) is part of the United States Cryptologic System that employs personnel from all branches of the military along with Department of Defense civilians. The installation is just 15 miles west of Honolulu and 10 miles south of North Shore in Oahu.

Naval Security Group Activity as part of Kunia offers cryptologic personnel, communications, and information that supports Pacific and national warfare actions. It provides host support services to the Kunia Regional Signals Intelligence Operations Center. For Pacific operations, it also provides engineering installation services.

Construction began in 1942 on another part of the Kunia Field Station known as the underground tunnel complex. It was started following the Pearl Harbor attack that prompted so many posts and installations to start-up in the US as the country prepared for war. There was a fear of a repeat attack after the first and that prompted the Army and Navy even more to construct underground facilities that would become a part of storage and vital defense operations.


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