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Midtown 2 Theater in Catania, Italy
Midtown 2 Theater in Catania, Italy
Navy First Movie in Catania, Italy
Midtown Theater Schedule in Catania, Italy
NAS Sigonella Library in Italy

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Spare Time Bowling Center, 95121 Catania CT, Italy

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+39095564248 | +39095564216 | +39095564248

Sit back and enjoy the show in comfortable stadium seating at Midtown's 2-screen theater with powerful sound, crystal clear pictures, and many same day premiers brought to you by Navy Motion Pictures.

  • Theater Reservation and Birthday Packages
  • Baby & Me Movies 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • Movie Gift Passes
  • Fully stocked concession stand
  • 2D & 3D Movies
  • Same day movie releases

Open federal holidays, no school days, early release school days. The theater is a tobacco and glass-free zone.

Theater Admission Prices:

Adults 12 and over ages 6 to 11 ages 5 and under
2D Movies $4 $2 Free
3D Movies $5 $3 Free

Midtown 2 Theaters is a proud recipient of the Navy Motion Picture Service (NMPS) movie program and receives the latest digital movies. “NAVY FIRST” provides select overseas Navy locations with the biggest titles at the same time they open in U.S. Commercial cinemas.

Hours of Operation:

Sunday 1330 - 1930
Monday Closed
Tuesday 1630 - 2000
Wednesday 1630 - 2000
Thursday 1330 - 2000
Friday 1630 - 2000
Saturday 1330 - 1930
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