School photo gallery

Here are some recent photos reflecting life in our school. Move the mouse over the arrows to scroll left or right. Click on an image to enlarge.

To apply for a place for your child please download our on-line application form available here. Fill in the form and email to [email protected] along with a recent passport sized photo of your child and copies of his/her CPR or passport.

Our Philosophy, Aims, and Goals

Nadeen School is dedicated to providing a caring, nurturing, and stimulating environment in which all children can learn and thrive. All of our students are treated with respect, care, and with the utmost sensitivity to their individual needs and requirements.

Educational Goals

  • To maintain excellent educational standards to enable the children to move confidently in to the next part of their education by equipping them with the tools necessary to be confident in the main areas of: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Science, Geography and History, Music and Drama, Art, Design and Technology, Information Technology, Physical Education, and Citizenship Skills
  • To learn through experience and experiment, within a caring and encouraging environment

Social, Emotional, and Moral Development Goals

  • To encourage the children’s spirit, individuality, and enthusiasm for learning
  • To encourage development and expression through: language, dance, drama, music, singing, art and craft, and creative play and exploration
  • The learning which takes place within our doors is not only academic, but also an environment in which to nurture a child’s sense of understanding, awareness, and respect for all people and cultures
  • To provide the children with valuable citizenship skills to carry with them through the rest of their childhood and adult life
  • To instill good values, standards of behaviour, and community/global awareness
  • To encourage self-awareness, good manners, verbal self-confidence, and good communication skills
  • To encourage and develop a sense of global responsibility and instill an awareness of community matters and environmental concerns