Naval Station Everett

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Naval Station Everett
Naval Station Everett
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2000 W Marine View Dr
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Quarterdeck: (425) 304-3366

Base phone operator


Visitor Center: (425) 304-3260

Access Control/Visitor Pass/BAVR/NCACS badge issuance

- Located in Bldg. 1900, near main gate

- Open 6:45 a.m.-2:45 p.m. Monday-Friday, first come first serve


Personnel Support Detatchment (PSD) Everett: (425) 304-4256

ID Card Issuance for Active Duty, Reserves, Family Member, and Retirement

DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS: The ID Card Office remains open for emergent appointments only, with the exception of CAC pin resets and email updates that are provided to walk-ins without an appointment.

Make an appointment at:


For updates on events and base conditions visit the Naval Station Everett Facebook page

[Conditions are also recorded on the Base Information Phone Line: (425) 304-5665.]


For military family services visit the Fleet and Family Readiness page.




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NS Everett
(Updated: July 13, 2014)
The base is small because there are only a handful of ships. Because it is small, many support services are located off the installation. The commissary is located in Smokey Point (Marysville) and the larger NEX is also located there as well. There is a NFCU on-base and a very spartan food court. The gym has everything that you need...two racquetball courts, indoor pool, and gym. I did not use the CDC, but I did not hear anything negative about it. The folks I knew that needed to drop their children off, didn't experience any issues.

Parking is a fair distance away from the pier, and there is only limited parking pier-side. There is a shuttle when the carrier is in, but when I was stationed there, the base couldn't figure out how to fund a shuttle for the DDG and FFG Sailors.

I did enjoy the fact that the base was small, and did not experience too many delays getting into work. I would love to be stationed there again. It's just small, and like most bases, more could be done to support the Sailors on-board (i.e. shuttle bus, more robust selections at the NEX, a better food court, etc.).
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Home Sweet Home
Our family was stationed in Everett from 2009 to 2012. I must say, we LOVE it! We even bought our first home! Like any other duty stations that are stateside, there is a shortlist of reasons to venture on-base for dependents. Unlike overseas duty stations, we aren't as solely reliant on on-base services -- schools, child care, travels, events/activities, and even shopping.

My husband was on a DDG while we were there. If my memory is correct, they were only in for an accumulated (2 months) out of a year. Hence, my venturing to base was so limited. In the few times that I went there (for medical appointments, pharmacy, or dropping off my sailor), I had a pretty decent experience. The base is small, but not as small as our previous duty station (Singapore). Getting around was easy.

Huge NEX and the Commissary are not on the base. They are located in Point Loma, which is about 15 minutes from our house. So, it works out really great!

A lot of the complaints I heard from people is that it rains a lot and is constantly gloomy in Washington and during the fall and winter times, it gets really cold. Partly true. However, traffic and driving are not too bad. Even during bumper to bumper rush hours, cars are still moving. The further you go up north, the much lesser the traffic. People are mostly nice, courteous, and polite. Most importantly, air quality is the best, and to counter the gloominess, we have trees all over the place that stay green year-round. During the rainy and cold seasons, we occasionally get beautiful sunshiney days that makes you completely forget the gloom and rain. Summer is just absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Clear blue skies, temperate weather, greens everywhere, and explosions of colors (flowers, even weeds) all around. If you are on nature and hiking, this is the best place to be.

Our family made Washington our home. Now that we are retired from active duty and hope to finally put down roots after all the moving, we chose to go back here. Although we sold our home (in Arlington), we bought another house south of the Tacoma Narrows bridge and have been enjoying what Washington has to offer ever since.
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