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1340 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA 70112, United States

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+1 504-366-3949 l (504) 678-2540
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NSA New Orleans started its history as the largest military base in New Orleans. The facility was so large that is spread over both sides of the Mississippi River. It dealt with multiple training sessions and support not just for the US Navy, but also for other federal agencies. It used to host almost 4000 military troops and close to 3000 civilians employed in various fields or among the soldiers’ families. The base is the only one in the United States of America that was born two times – at the beginning of the 20-th century and in 1939. More similar bases were closed or shut down throughout their histories, but the situation is different for this one. The base was almost entirely abandoned and destroyed before being reborn. Some of the most important facilities included a lodge, a family center, a childcare center, a health care hospital or a commissary. The troops interested in recreational areas had a lot to choose from too, such as a huge library, multiple art and cultural centers or auto centers.


The land was given from one ruler to another in the early history of the United States of America. It was purchased by the US government in 1849. The plan fell before the construction started. Without seeing the necessity of such a base, the authorities decided to lease the area to the local farmers. The station was finally established at the beginning of the 20-th century, in 1901. During the same year, the first units showed up at the base. In 1902, the base went through a first wave of upgrades and improvements with multiple investments worth $4M. The place was expanded again one year later, in 1903. The base was so solid at those times that many of the buildings still stand today. The new base successfully operated until 1911, then it was shut down. The US Navy reactivated it in 1915 and turned it into a repair workshop for the vessels of the US Navy. Without a major role in World War I, NSA New Orleans Louisiana was more attractive during the Great Depression times, when it trained and prepared for the US Navy almost 25000 men that lost their homes. They were taken from the streets and given a role in the US Navy. There were only three such centers in the country. As World War II began, the base was again used at a full potential.

Although it had a bright future due to the continuous improvements, NSA New Orleans was recently closed through an emotional ceremony on September, 15-th, 2011.


Some of the most important units hosted at NSA New Orleans include the 4-th Marine Division, the Marine Forces Reserve, the Naval Air Force Reserve and the 4-th Marine Aircraft Wing. None of them is still around since the base was closed. In other words, this is a special military bases that was born two times and killed one time. But who knows what the future has in store for these lands?


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