NSA Souda Bay Passenger Terminal

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NSA Souda Bay Air Terminal in Greece
Souda Bay Passenger Terminal in Greece
Souda Bay Terminal in Greece

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PSC 814 FPO AE FPO AE, Greece 09865-0053

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314-266-1391 | 266-1275/1383 | 266-1525
001-30-28210-21275 | 30-28210-21391 | 30-28210-21275/21383 | 30-28210-21525

The NSA Souda Bay Air Terminal has daily Space-A opportunities to offer through use of DoD aircraft. Due to security reasons, we can only provide actual flight schedules on for Space-Available Travel. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but please inquire flight destinations and times in person through the Passenger Service section.