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Osan University Logo in Osan, South Korea
Osan Campus University in Osan, South Korea
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18119 , Osan University 45, Cheonghak-ro, Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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+82 - 31-370-2500 | Fax. +82 - 31-373-7388

From the President of Osan University

Love is the key to teaching and learning at Osan University.

Students, faculty and staff at Osan University love and respect each other to make a harmonious campus environment. We aim to teach our students to share and love those around us, including the neglected class in the area.

We are a university that is close to you, accessible by the metro via Osan College Station. We are very proud of our big, beautiful, eco-friendly campus that is ideally suited to learning. We are a university that steps forward with curriculum and training courses that meet the demands of the current job industry. Our capable faculty directs customized training for job placement in the industry and prepares students to become professionals in their areas of study. .

To prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are currently building a business campus and establishing an advanced business and academic cooperation system. This program is unique to Osan University and is integrated and reinforced into all university curricular activities and is extended to student’s job placement and business start-ups.

Students at Osan University learn to devote themselves wholeheartedly, to think creatively and innovatively, and to become cooperative doers. Osan University promises to do our best to help students achieve their own goals.


University Principles

Osan University was established under the principles of devotion, creativity, and cooperation. Young talented and motivated people are gathered here in their passionate quest for learning. The university focuses on teaching these competent people to devote themselves to society and contribute toward community needs.

Purpose of Education

Osan University aims to teach professional theories and train practical expert skills that are necessary for the nation’s industrial growth.

Educational Policies

Students at Osan University… 1. Learn to be devoted through patience and hard work 2. Learn to be creative and innovative by expanding their thoughts 3. Learn to be cooperative through thoughtful consideration and communicating with others


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