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140, Sylvester Road, Fort Rosecrans, San Diego, San Diego County, California, 92106, United States
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Hours: 0730-1600 Monday-Friday


Naval Base Point Loma Discovered in 1542

The history of Naval Base Point Loma began thousands of years ago when prehistoric peoples and Native Americans inhabited the area. Archeological sites have been dated to as far back as 7000 years ago.

The modern history of Point Loma begins in September 1542, when Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo (a Portuguese navigator in the service of Spain) landed here and explored the surrounding area for 6 days. Cabrillo raised the flag of Spain and named the port San Miguel Bay.


To sustain the Fleet, enable the Fighter, and support the Family while maintaining Naval Base Point Loma as a 5-Star Destination.

Our Vision: Focusing the command’s efforts along three lines of effort enables NBPL to better utilize limited resources and coordinate effort in a synchronized manner. Although these lines of effort are distinct, they are also dependent on one another, for success in each is dependent on meaningful progress in the other. These LOEs are expanded into primary areas of action in the full Design.

  • To SERVE the Fleet our tenant commands and organizations, and their families.
  • To BUILD a base for tomorrow’s warfighter with strong ties to our civic community.
  • To PROTECT our people, resources, and the environment from all threats.


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