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2450 S 4th Ave #110, Yuma, AZ 85364, United States
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Med spa offering facials, facial treatments like peelings, vitamin C treatments, microdermabrasion, micro-needling, derma-planing, waxing, professional massages, nail services, brow tinting, body treatments, yeso therapy, Egyptian cold wraps, and body contouring with wood therapy.


Relax with one of our specialized 90-minute facials and treatments. Our skincare expert will pamper your skin leaving it looking healthy and rejuvenated.

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Take care of your body by giving it a massage. A massage helps reduce tension, stress, and anxiety. Feel revitalized, reenergized and invigorated with one of our specialized massages. They may help alleviate pain, improve circulation and improve overall sense of wellbeing.

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Your nails are important! Let us help them look gorgeous with our personal touch. Enjoy a relaxing manicure or pedicure in our private spa nail room. You will be able to relax and destress in a clean, comfortable, relaxing room, and quiet surroundings.

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Body Sculpting MaderoTherapy

Designed for anyone who wants to slim down or tone a specific area of the body. It helps improve the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and stimulates collagen production. Body sculpting massage is followed by your choice of Egyptian cold wraps or thermic yesotherapy. *Individual results may vary *Several sessions are needed *Package pricing available.

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Waxing is the fastest, most efficient method of temporary hair removal. Waxing over a long period of time causes thinning and lessening of hair regrowth and extends the period of time between waxing treatments. Our products will not irritate or burn your skin. Your skin is left feeling soft and smooth.

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Brow and facial hair treading is natural, precise, and less painful. We use only the finest quality anti-bacterial cotton thread. The treatments are carried out in a relaxing private beauty room by a qualified and certificated threading technician *Prior consultation will be given to ensure the best possible finish is achieved for you. *Correct aftercare advice will be given.

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Brow Tinting

Pain-free, smudge-proof brow enhancement. For fuller looking, well defined brows. A special blend colors are customized to each individual client in order to ensure a more youthful, natural, darker eyebrow appearance.

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Yeso Therapy

Yeso therapy is a plaster body wrap treatment that is used to naturally slim, and tone the body-most commonly abs, arms, and thighs. Wrap fibers are infused with natural mineral compounds, and extracts. Yeso therapy helps improve the lymphatic system drainage and promotes detoxification, helps lighten stretchmarks, tighten skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Several sessions are recommended. Package pricing available

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Egyptian Cold Wraps

Egyptian cold wraps are a body treatment applied to specific areas of the body-most commonly abs, arms, and thighs-using cold bandages soaked in a special liquid formula that drops the temperature locally. This promotes increased cellular metabolism and increased calorie consumption. They help burn fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite. They improve blood circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, and help reduce varicose vein appearance. Several sessions are recommended. Package pricing available

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Body Treatments

Relax and rejuvenate with our personalized whole-body treatments. They are recommended for women interested in relieving tension, eliminating stress, increasing circulation, and revitalizing skin tone.

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