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Isla Grande, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico
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The San Juan Army National Guard Aviation Support Station is located at approximately 18°27′24″N 066°05′54″W in the Isla Verde area of the Island Of Puerto Rico. The San Juan Army National Guard Aviation Support Station is found near the Convention Center District of Isla Grande, previously referred to as Miraflores. The facility is directly adjacent to the Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport and is loosely bordered by the Condado Lagoon and Miramar. The actual facility itself is located within an industrial/commercial district of Isla Verde, surrounded on three sides by the waters of San Juan Harbor in addition to multiple bays and inlets. The climate is tropical, with year-round warm weather, high humidity, and heavy rainfall (average of 66in per year). Outside of the industrial and commercial areas the Island of Puerto Rico is heavily forested and has relatively low elevation with the highest point, Cerro de Punta standing slightly over 4,000 feet in elevation.


The Island Of Puerto Rico has been used for the United States military purposes since the early days of World War II. The San Juan Naval Air Station was established directly next to San Juan Harbor and served as a maintenance stationing point for both United States Navy ships and planes. At its height, the San Juan Naval Air Station was home to 5 patrol squadrons of seaplanes, massive dry dock maintenance and repair facilities for naval ships, a fuel supply and refinement center, a defense housing project, storehouses, and support facilities. The area that was once the San Juan Naval Air Station has undergone a dramatic transformation in the 21st century and is now an upscale trendy neighborhood. Since the close of World War II military presence has declined on the Island but still remains.


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