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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington
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SeaTac Airport Ticketing Counter in Washington

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Geographical Address

Duty Station(s)
Public Address
17801 International Blvd, Seattle, WA 98188

Contact Info

+1-253-982-3504 | +1-253-982-0555 | +1- 253-982-3243 | (253) 982-3504
Operating Hours
0700-1600 during flight Operations

Main Gate

  • Located at Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac) so just head to the normal commercial terminal. The AMC Office is located on the baggage claim level between carousel 4 & 5. Check-in counters for duty passengers are located adjacent to HAWAIIAN AIRLINES and begins 6 hrs prior to departure. Check-in time begins 6 hrs prior to departure. Space-A roll calls are conducted at counters on the ticketing level 3 hrs prior to departure and can change with Daylight Savings Time (0430 Winter and 0530 Summer) . Currently, all departures are scheduled between 0700L - 0800L PST on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Staff are usually at the AMC ticketing counter from 0230 - 0530 to mark passengers "Present."

Passenger Terminal

  • Online Flight Schedules: See the Terminal Facebook Page
  • Terminal Web Site (hosted on McChord's web site)
  • Terminal Hours: AMC Desk hours are: 0700-1600 daily (and some evenings when a flight is being processed). The Commercial Airport is 24 hours.
  • Terminal Dining: Most eateries/restaurants are located past the security checkpoint (boarding pass required). Some (e.g. Starbucks and a few others are prior to the boarding gates and open 24/7.
  • Lockers: USO; Ken’s Baggage Storage and Rentals
  • Internet/WiFi: In USO
  • USO: SeaTac USO
  • Base Dining Facility:

Long-Term Parking

  • Commercial Long-Term Parking is available at the airport

Typical Flight Destinations

  • SeaTac only has departures to Japan and Korea as follows:
    • Sunday: Misawa, Osan
    • Tuesday: Yokota, Osan
    • Thursday: Yokota, Iwakuni, Kadena
    • TBD- Monthly?:  Andersen, Kadena (New as of April 2021)
  • See the SeaTac Patriot Express Flier (as of Mar 15 therfore schedule is dated) Contains Space-A Roll Call info. Roll Call Time can be 0430 or 0530 based on time of year (due to Daylight Savings Time).  NOTE - KUNSAN was dropped from the routes in October 2013


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