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41번길 7 Semayeok-ro, Sema-dong, Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

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+82 10-7397-8584
Operating Hours
Monday - Sunday: 11:00am - 10:00pm | Make a reservation now!

Surf Zone Reservation and Purchase Guide 

Please use this for the first time

1. Deposit after 'member registration ' on the website

     Please check the amount of the time ticket or rental ticket you want

     (Deposit: Kookmin Bank Surf Zone Lee Kang-chan 893801-00-055269)

2. Please call 0507-1352-8584    

     - When purchasing time: We will insert the time after confirming your ID.

     -When purchasing a rental office: After confirming the reservation, we will send you a reservation completion message. 


3. Please arrive at least 30 minutes in advance .

    No-show and same - day reservation changes are not allowed.

    Thank you for your understanding .


Surf Zone Operation Guide

1)  Be sure to wear a mask when using


2) After training on safety and usage rules, it starts every hour on the hour (operation for 55 minutes).

  (Please arrive at least 30 minutes in advance.)

3)  One ' half ' line is  operated when the reservation number is 2-6 people.

7 people from the  ' half '  two lines as  you operate .

   *If the number of reservations is 1 person  'half' Hanline operates for 30 minutes  .

 *Free introductory training is conducted only on one line.

4)  Please bring a mask, underwear, towel, and swimsuit for surfing .

 (If not brought, masks are sold / swimwear and towel rental paid for)


5)  Regardless of the number of lessons for  beginners

Instructors provide 1:1 guidance free of charge .



Surf Zone is a company that creates and operates an indoor surfing site that anyone can enjoy easily and comfortably in the city center .

Based on our experience in artificial surfing in various countries since 2007, we have been providing all solutions related to the indoor surfing business, from manufacturing and installation of surfing machines to surf resort licensing and construction consulting.

It has the best indoor surfing curriculum in Korea and is leading the family-type indoor surfing culture that can be enjoyed easily and safely from 5 to 60 years old through systematic operation and instruction system.

Our surf zone will do its best to form a proper indoor surfing culture through constant research and challenges.

Thank You.


Introduction to indoor surfing

Indoor surfing is a new-concept leisure sport where you can enjoy boarding on the current from a powerful motor. About 10cm thick water flows over the soft sheet, so anyone from 5 to 60 years old can learn and enjoy it easily and safely.

Indoor surfing competitions are held not only in Korea but also in Europe, the Americas and Asia, and efforts are being made to adopt it as an official Olympic sport. Through this, it is expected that indoor surfing will give new pleasure to people in Korea and will expand to professional sports fields.


Usage fee

Surf School (Classroom) Go to lesson guide

* Please refer to the 'Lecture Program' on the website for more details.

premium class CLASS garden collect Price note
* Organized by dedicated professional instructors * Customized lessons for each step *    Unrivaled indoor surfing curriculum for skill improvement and character education Nursery class (5~9 years old) Youth class (10~19 years old) Adult hobbies - Mom hobbies - Office workers, college students 4-5 people (small group class) Once a week (4 times a month) 200,000 Special discount for students *Refer to the event bulletin board

* A registration fee of 50,000 will be charged for the first use. (Vest and bag provided)

right of concession

Premium pass available only for rental customers

Use coronation right of concession Amount (tax included) Maximum number of people entering teacher note
1 hour (1 hour) liberty Full rental 300,000 10 people does not exist 2 half lines
Half rental 150,000 6 people does not exist 1 half line
class rental Full rental 400,000 8 people 1 person individual / group
Half rental 250,000 6 people 1 person Individual / Family / Group
experience rental Full rental 500,000 14 people 2 people School, company, and group recommendation
Half rental 250,000 6 people 1 person Small group recommendation

15,000 per person in case of overcrowding

Free Time Ticket (Free Introductory Lesson)

Used by customers who made a reservation by time

voucher date of use Amount (tax included) note
1 hour ticket Less than 1 year after purchase 40,000 won Time purchase volumes are friends, family, lovers, colleagues, etc. can be used with

the time remaining volumes are less than one year at any time possible

4 hour book Less than 1 year after purchase 140,000 won
10 hours Less than 1 year after purchase 300,000 won

* Free introductory lessons

(The free introductory class is conducted only on line 1, so there may be differences in the number of people on both lines.) - Body board: 5 years old or older - Adult (Lesson: Entry alone, move left/right) - Standing board: 10 years old Above ~ Adults (Lesson: Use a guideline to get in by yourself, focus)


Paid rental items

Product Name Rental fee (tax included) Children (120 ~ 150cm) youth, adult note
All surfing clothes top/bottom 3,000 won spring suit Board Short Rash Guard Zip-Up Wet Suit (Jumper) -For groups of 6 or more and 3XL size customers, please apply in advance. -Basic sizes may be sold out early. - Rental clothes and towels are managed daily with a washing machine and dryer. - Underwear is not rented or sold.
Towel 2,000 won