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Ulithi Boulevard Bldg. 1622 Yigo, Guam 96929
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(671) 366-3490
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Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm Winter/Summer: 12-5pm Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: Closed


Child & Youth Programs operate eight housing area community centers and offer a wide variety of recreation programs for children ages three to seventeen. Some of these programs include open recreation, contract classes, field trips, teen programming, and special events, as well as the programs on the following tab. For additional information on any of these programs or services, contact your local Housing Area Community Center listed below.

Andersen Air Force Base Youth Center Ulithi Boulevard Bldg. 1622 Yigo, Guam 96929(671) 366-3490Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm Winter/Summer: 12-5pm Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: Closed
Youth & Teen Center Haputo Road Bldg. FH01 Santa Rita, Guam 96915(671) 564-1844Monday - Thursday: 3 - 6 PM

Friday: 3 - 8 PM

Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: Closed


This program is designed to meet the needs of school-aged youth (five to twelve years) in the hours before and after school. Before and After School Programs include activities while offering parents peace of mind by providing a safe and supportive place for children and youth to engage in activities that promote and develop positive values, community contribution, reinforce educational skills, promote physical fitness and explore career development. We work with our partners, the Boys & Girls Clubs, 4-H, and the National Academy of Youth Sports to have projects and activities that include building character, leadership, the arts and life skills, and much, much more.


This full-day program is offered for youth between the ages of five and twelve and is conducted during school holidays and summer vacation/intercession periods. Day camp activities include arts and crafts, sports, games, swimming, field trips, outdoor recreation, cultural programs, and special events.


Make Friends. Explore the World. Change Your Life. Apply for the 2017 Navy Teen Summer Camp Scholarship Program (SCSP). Be one of 150 Navy teens, 13-17 years of age, to attend one of six all-expenses-paid summer camps; Sail Annapolis, OAC Euro Camp, SCUBA Dive Florida, Explore Japan, Hike Hawaii, and Tour d’ Italy.


Play the Game and Enjoy the Sport Our goal at the Navy Youth Sports experience is to teach the enjoyment of playing on a team as a character-building activity without the pressure of a highly competitive program. We strive for participation, physical fitness, fair play, positive sportsmanship, and game skills. As members of the National Alliance for Youth Sports, we believe that every child regardless of their abilities should have an opportunity to positively benefit from meaningful participation. Volunteer coaches are greatly appreciated.


A Youth Sponsor is a peer who assists another peer in feeling welcomed to the area, provides access to positive peer groups and social activities, and helps military children feel connected at their new duty station.

Contact the Child and Youth Programs at Andersen AFB 671-366-7500 or 366-1601 or complete the Youth Sponsorship form for 5th - 12th grades. Prior to arrival, if your child (6-17-year-olds) would like to correspond with a child in Guam, contact Andersen AFB Youth Programs 671-366-1640 or 3490 and Download: Instant Friend Interest Form

The student-led transition support group (Anchored4Life) welcomes new students to the Program, community, and culture. Ask about this program during the school year.

Youth Sports

COVID-19 UPDATEDue to COVID-19 preventive measures and in an effort to protect our workforce, patrons, and community all CYP programs, activities, sporting events are canceled until further notice.*This information is subject to change due to the rapidly changing situation.


Youth Sports is a recreational program for ages 5-18 years that promotes team play, character building, physical fitness, fair play, positive sportsmanship, and game skills.

Child & Youth Program Fee Policy

Once a year, the Department of Defense is required to prescribe uniform fee regulations for military Child Development Center and School-Age Care Programs. Fees are based on Total Family income and shall apply to all children who attend on a regular basis. Child & Youth Programs also has a yearly requirement for families to have an updated registration on file.





Parent Information


Welcome to the Navy Child and Youth Programs (CYP)! Choosing child care and youth programming for your family is an important decision, which may be further complicated by military lifestyles. We know that military life comes with unique experiences and rewards of its own. While your children may face more than the usual challenges growing up, they also have the benefit of receiving high-quality early care and education from qualified professionals who can assist them in learning and in coping with these challenges. Navy CYP provides quality programs and services to nurture and support children as they navigate life in a military family, including care for your children during nontraditional work hours. The Navy is also dedicated to supporting the inclusion of children of all races, ethnicities, and abilities in CY programs. Navy policies, practices, and procedures reflect a commitment to inclusion and support of all children with and without disabilities or other special needs.

All of us in Navy CYP are committed to partnering with you as parents to provide a stable foundation for early learning and school readiness. Working together, we can help build a secure and successful future for your children.

Download CNIC Parent Handbook (PDF)



Military families are subject to unique stressors associated with military life, including deployments, remote tours of duty, and extended working hours. The Navy Child & Youth Programs (CYP) "Give Parents a Break (GPAB)" program is designed to give family members a short break from parenting in order to help them deal with these types of stressful situations. The GPAB program is designed to standardize respite care at all installations operating CYP programs. Below are the varying options for the utilization of GPAB.


The family of a Fallen Warrior is authorized 40-hours of respite care to be taken at one-time during the year after the member's death. The family should be able to provide a copy of the death certificate or verification from the command. However, in order to not place an undue burden on the family, verification can be provided by the Navy Gold Star program.

Families who meet the criteria and have been identified by the command can receive up to 16 hours of free childcare monthly. Please download and complete the Give Parents A Break Referral Certificate below to request free childcare from your command.

If you do not meet the requirements for free care through GPAB, your child is still eligible for care through CYP at the Hourly Care rate. Hourly Care may be utilized through each of the CYP programs; Child Development Centers, Child Development Homes, Youth Programs, as well as the GPAB schedule below.

Category 4/5 EFMP families may be eligible for up to 40 hours of free respite childcare each month. This service is provided through Child Care Aware. Families seeking this service can visit the Child Care Aware EFMP Respite or call Child Care Aware at 1-800-424-2246.

In support of giving Parents a Break, centers are open for care in the evenings at no cost for qualifying military families, and at the Hourly Care rate for all other eligible CYP patrons who wish to utilize, on a space-available basis. Families requesting childcare should contact the center directly. Commands requiring childcare for official functions must utilize spaces made available through these evening hours.


  • Families are required to obtain registration and immunization forms prior to utilizing care.
  • Families are responsible for picking up their children on time; late pickups will result in a charge to the parent.
  • Scheduling care in advance at the desired Center. Care is provided on a space-available basis. Closed on Federal holidays.


  • Scheduling their childcare needs at least 1 month prior directly to the center.
  • Working with the POC at the center to obtain registration and immunization cards prior to using care.
  • Providing a final count of names and ages of children 1 week prior to the scheduled event.
  • Ensuring parents pick up their children on time.
  • Scheduling care in advance at the desired Center. Care is provided on a space-available basis. Closed on Federal holidays.

Late pick up will result in a charge to the parents.

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